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No matter the industry, fasteners are usually an afterthought. Without reliable inventory management, you may not know your products are out of stock until it’s too late.

At B&C Fasteners, we offer comprehensive fastener inventory management to give our customers confidence that they’ll have the hardware they need whenever they need it.

We don’t just fill customer orders. We offer dedicated bin services to keep your inventory stocked. When you choose B&C Fasteners as your wholesale fastener distributor, we’ll assign an account representative to handle all your fastener supply needs.

Your representative will:

At B&C Fasteners, we take the headache out of managing your fastener inventory. Give us a call to get a quote or learn more about our services.

Our Services

Working With B&C Fasteners Is Easy

1. Request A Quote

Please fill out our quote form here to request a quote for the products you need.

2. File A Credit Application

One of our team members will help you fill out a credit application to create a credit account with B&C Fasteners.

3. Customize Your Service

Let us know if you require any special services, including MTRs, special packaging instructions, or product modifications (cutting, plating, coating, etc.).

4. Ship The Product

We ensure on-time delivery for all the products you need. Freight costs are often included in our pricing.

5. Get A Dedicated Account Representative For Future Orders

Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. If you would like to become a recurring customer, we’ll assign a dedicated account rep to provide you with personalized service.